The Texas congressman’s break with the GOP could lead to condemnation

The Texas congressman’s break with the GOP could lead to condemnation

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzalez, Texas Republican, faced a rare potential censure by his state party on Saturday for votes that included supporting new gun safety laws. After the Uvalde school shooting which was in his district.

A condemnation from the Texas Republican Party would indicate how the two-term congressman’s willingness to break with conservatives on key issues during his short time in office has upset GOP activists and some colleagues alike.

That includes independent streaks A sweep opposes House GOP immigration proposal on the US-Mexico border, including a large portion of his South Texas district. He also voted for same-sex marriage And there was an outright “no”. Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is against the House rules package after becoming speaker.

Gonzales spoke before the vote at a meeting of Texas GOP leaders and activists in Austin. His presence was not expected.

“We’ll see how that goes,” he told reporters in San Antonio on Thursday.

In practical terms, a censure would allow the state party to move away if Gonzales runs again in 2024 and spends money reminding primary voters of the scandal. A three-fifths vote of the State Republican Executive Committee is required to pass a censure. More than a dozen county GOP clubs in the Gonzales district have already endorsed local censure resolutions.

Gonzales cruised through his GOP primary and easily won re-election last year in his heavily Hispanic congressional district. He won first to fill an open seat left by Republican Will Hurd in 2020 — who also Hasn’t been shy about breaking ties with the GOPAnd whose allies are now saying Thinking of running for president.

The potential condemnation illustrates the interparty battle that still simmers in America’s biggest red state even as Republicans celebrate 20 years of total control of the Texas Legislature and every statewide office.

Last year, former Texas GOP Chairman Allen West resigned from the job A vague initial challenge mounts Against Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. In 2018 the state party also denounced a former moderate speaker of the Texas House who opposed bathroom restrictions for transgender people.

After a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers at a Uvalde school, Gonzales made an endorsement Sweeping and bipartisan gun violence bills Signed by President Joe Biden. He is the only Texas Republican in the statehouse or Congress who called for the resignation of the state police chief On the confused response of law enforcement agencies to the attacks.

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