The man charged in the bank robbery led to other bank robberies, prosecutors say

The man charged in the bank robbery led to other bank robberies, prosecutors say

A 54-year-old man is facing charges in a February bank robbery after allegedly stealing $1,000 from a Lewd bank, the latest in a bank robbery charge.

Troy Allen Robbins was charged with aggravated robbery after allegedly walking into the Chase Bank in the 4700 block of West 119th Street and slipping a threatening note to the teller, according to documents filed in Johnson County District Court.

Johnson County prosecutors said Robbins has been convicted of three previous bank robberies and was on federal supervision at the time of the most recent incident.

Robbins approached a teller without a mask or gloves on Feb. 23 around 4:30 p.m., court documents state. The note he handed over demanded $50 in cash and $100 bills and claimed he had a gun and would shoot.

The teller Lewd told police she hit the “Robbery Dispense” button twice and gave the man cash.

Another employee told officers he watched the exchange on a live video feed from a neighboring office and heard Robbins say, “I have a gun,” “I want hundreds,” and “Give me some more money.”

The teller told police the suspect asked for her note back before leaving. Authorities believe Robbins left the scene in a gray Ford Fusion that was stolen from a Gladstone dealership. The accused allegedly took the vehicle for a test drive and did not return it.

A license plate reader linked the stolen car with its dealership tag not long after the robbery at Town Center Drive and Null Avenue. After fleeing with the truck, Robbins left his identification at the dealership, according to court documents.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was immediately contacted and became involved in the investigation, prosecutors said.

Robbins found Casino in Bali A short time later in Kansas City and Kansas City police arrested him. He was charged the next day.

Robbins remains in the Johnson County Jail on $250,000 bond.

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