Suspect arrested for throwing bricks at South End business

Suspect arrested for throwing bricks at South End business

A suspect is in custody after Boston police say he threw bricks in the air and damaged at least two South End businesses.

The incident took place on Saturday night before 7pm in Shawmut Ave and Union Park area.

Witnesses told Boston 25 News that the suspect pulled loose bricks from the sidewalk and began throwing them randomly.

One of those bricks hit a window at the South End Buttery where several customers were sitting inside.

“It was quiet here. Suddenly, we hear a crash,” said barista Gina Case. “There is a bench under that window. They said they were sitting there a few minutes ago.

The police immediately called the case from behind the counter.

He said customers helped relay the suspect’s description to officers who responded within minutes.

“I look out the window, and the guy is walking down the street at a normal pace, no rush,” she recalls. “A little weird.”

The front window of the nearby CouCou children’s clothing store was also smashed by an airborne brick.

That brick landed on a children’s plate in a center display.

The owner told Boston 25 News that his mother had just finished closing and left less than ten minutes before it happened.

Another business owner said he was relieved his shop was spared.

“I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that headache,” said Joseph Kwan, owner of Patron of the Find. “I think it was just random.”

Police arrested the accused in front of the audience.

His identity has not yet been released.

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