Longmont man sentenced to probation for child abuse charges

Longmont man sentenced to probation for child abuse charges

March 10—A Longmont man charged with downloading sexually exploitative child abuse material was sentenced by a judge Friday.

Miles William Wisner, 29, pleaded guilty in December to cybercrime based on sexual reality.

At Friday’s hearing, attorneys agreed that Wisner’s lack of criminal history and other mitigating factors warranted a probationary sentence so Wisner could receive treatment.

Boulder District Judge Patrick Butler went with the attorneys’ recommendations and a pre-sentence report and sentenced Wisner to five years of intensively supervised sex offender probation.

Wisner must register as a sex offender.

Butler said it was an “opportunity” for Wiesner to show he can be a law-abiding citizen and abide by the terms of his probation.

Wisner did not comment at the hearing.

According to the arrest affidavit, three separate tips were sent to Longmont police in January 2020 by Internet Crimes Against Children and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. All three tips related to an IP address tracked to Wisner’s home for downloading child pornography.

In February 2020, detectives served a search warrant at Wisner’s Longmont home where Wisner said he had lived alone for the past two or three years.

According to the affidavit, investigators discovered a “large amount” of child pornography stored on his desktop computer.

Wisner initially denied viewing child pornography, but admitted to downloading the images and visiting child pornography sites when confronted with the images stored on his desktop.

Wiesner said he had been collecting child pornography for about half a year but refused to do it for sexual gratification.

Further investigation of the home found several other electronic storage devices containing child pornography, including a naming system that listed the ages of the victims.

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