Credit card fraud charges can be brought by Long Island conmen

Credit card fraud charges can be brought by Long Island conmen

After managing to escape the consequences for his perjury, perhaps Congress (Congress) man Jorge Santos may finally be out of luck. There is former associate Gustavo Ribeiro Trelaha Federal authorities sent a sworn declaration Santos was actually the mastermind behind a Seattle credit card skimming plot that led to Trelha’s arrest and eventual deportation to Brazil six years ago.

What’s most disturbing about Santos’ rise to the top of the mountain of deception is that it has revealed that our electoral process fundamentally depends on a version of the honor system. Despite how brilliant the congressman’s behavior was, he didn’t break any laws, and it looks like he can get in the elevator to avoid reporters and nominally represent his district, who really voted for a different, completely bogus person. The person they got, at least until he leaves office in 2024.

If Trella is telling the truth, Santos has in fact violated certain criminal laws and the relevant authorities should take this gift-wrapped announcement and aggressively pursue it. Santos flew to Seattle to appear in court in the Trelher case and lied to the judge about working at Goldman Sachs. The US Secret Service and federal prosecutors should be able to pursue leads such as warehouses accused of harboring credit card skimming material.

No doubt Santos will claim he is the victim of a political witch hunt, the MAGA type of reaction du jour for those who want to avoid the consequences of their actions. As with any other high-profile case — or any criminal case, for that matter — law enforcement should make sure it dots the I’s and crosses the T’s, if it decides to bring the book down on it.

Calls for Santos to be expelled from the House for his fabrications raise thorny questions about the possibility of punishing speech. On the other hand, eviction is much more straightforward after being convicted of theft from abroad.

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