A tunnel dug for copper wires along a river collapsed, killing one person, Oklahoma police said

A tunnel dug for copper wires along a river collapsed, killing one person, Oklahoma police said

A few days later a man was found buried under about 10 feet of sand The tunnel he was working in collapsedAccording to Oklahoma police.

The Tulsa Police Department said officers were called to the Arkansas River on Saturday, March 4 at 11:45 p.m. A woman reported that her boyfriend was buried under sand because he was “tunneling through the embankment,” according to a news release shared on Facebook.

She also said her boyfriend had been digging tunnels for weeks, a “project” that began after she spotted copper wires outside the dam, police said. He first saw the tunnel collapse on Thursday, days before police arrived at the scene.

Officials said the girlfriend could not tell officers exactly where the tunnel was because it was almost midnight. The next day, police worked with the Tulsa Fire Department, a cadaver dog, the medical examiner’s office, an anthropologist and an excavator to recover the man’s body.

Police said his family has been informed.

Lt. Josh Goldstein of the Tulsa Police Department said authorities “are not charging Tamar for her theft,” FOX23 reported.

He found the copper wire Down there, I was looking at it, I can’t tell if it looks like it’s connected to anything, it almost looks like it’s just a strand of abandoned copper wire, probably running across the river years ago,” Goldstein continued. “I Don’t know but he somehow found a load of it and followed it back and brought it out.”

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